Open Doors Educational Advocates

Our Advocates

Patricia Eger
Patty began teaching special education in 1990. She has worked with all grade levels from preschool to high school, as well as with Early Intervention services for children age 2 and under.  Patty also has personal experience as the parent of a special needs child.  She brings her experience from both the school and parent perspectives to help you understand what services will benefit your child, and how to take some of the stress out of parenting a child with special needs.

Triesha Foglia-Edwards

Triesha started her educational career in 1992 as a school psychologist, evaluating students to determine special education eligibility as well as providing counseling for students' emotional needs.  She received her certification as a school district administrator in 2004, and is a chairperson for the Committees on Special Education and Preschool Special Education.  Triesha is well-versed in the laws and regulations that govern special education and the rights that special needs children and their families are entitled to.

Jeanne Daum
Jeanne has over 30 years experience in the classroom at the elementary and secondary levels. She worked as a reading specialist and offered writing/math support while overseeing special education services at the building level. Her experience in academic testing, heading building level Child Study Teams, Case Management of Section 504 Plans and presenting initial referrals/annual reviews to the CSE have given her a unique insight into the process. Jeanne works positively with parents, administrators, teachers, and students to ensure each student receives the most appropriate supports for academic success.

Jessica Manning
Jessica began as a art educator in 2013 and received her Master’s Degree in special education at in 2014. She has studied special education pedagogy, research, and law to better understand the field and become an effective educator. Since then, she has been teaching art to students with disabilities and has gained a wealth of experience and knowledge accommodating students' needs within an art environment. She joined the Open Doors family in January 2016, and since then has been our social media guru, posting articles and images on our Facebook and Twitter pages that provide assistance and information to parents.

Helping families navigate Special Education services

Our philosophy
Each child is unique, and has their own strengths and challenges when it comes to learning.  Open Doors believes that each child deserves the appropriate support and assistance to reach his/her greatest potential.

Our commitment 
Open Doors Educational Advocates are committed to working with both families and school districts as a team, in an environment of cooperation, not animosity.  We work to ensure that teachers, administrators, service providers, and families have the same goal in mind--your child's educational success. 

Our experience
Our staff has over 30 years experience in the field of special education as teachers, counselors, and administrators.  We understand the system from the inside, so we know what students are entitled to and what school districts are able to provide.  We use this knowledge to create a positive relationship between families and the CSE.